Behind the Scenes

Visible Change: Niha Elety

Our mission at The Postcard Edit has always been to create a smaller, stranger world by honoring artisan […]

Block and Screen Printing in Sanganer: A Brief Introduction

The scarves in our Intuition Series are created in partnership with artisans in Sanganer, near Jaipur, India. Many of […]

Embracing Uncertainty

All of us have had to come face to face with uncertainty in the last few weeks. At […]

Reimagining the Luxury Scarf

The allure of a beautiful scarf is unmistakable. It can immediately lend a feminine sophistication and sense of […]

Beyond Bauhuas: Multiple Modernities

What do you picture when someone asks you to imagine modern design? If you’re like most people, you […]

Three Sustainability Warriors We’re Obsessed With

More than anything else, sustainability is a culture.  It’s not something you can buy, or simply a synonym […]

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