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Reimagining the Luxury Scarf

The allure of a beautiful scarf is unmistakable. It can immediately lend a feminine sophistication and sense of mystery to any ensemble, and is as versatile as it is distinct.

Our founder Sofiya Deva recalls, “Growing up, I saw my mom often wearing traditional dupattas and I still remember closely studying how she’d style it, and speculating on what the style said about her mood at the moment.”

Across cultures, a scarf can mean different things. It can signify modesty, status, freedom, religious beliefs or sex appeal.

For us, at The Postcard Edit, the most captivating part of a scarf, like anything else, is how it makes us feel, and how we can use it as a way to reconnect with our energy and intention. 

For too long, we’ve measured our worth by external standards and measures of beauty and achievement. When we begin to affirm ourselves from the inside out, something magical happens.

We begin to honor our uniqueness, find our voice and show up more authentically in our relationships. 

After all, as Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

We would add that the greatest luxury is that act of personal discovery, that reveals who you are, so you can truly live it. 

And of course, by our nature, we exist in flux. From day to night, content to restless, delighted to discontent, heartbroken to blissed out…

We change constantly, and yet also possess a core of memories, impressions, dreams and instincts that defines and informs us. 

In a day and age where it’s easy to feel scattered and uncertain, a carefully chosen and styled scarf can be its own meditation, and source of strength. 

It can be a way of connecting us to ourselves and anchoring us in our values, even and especially in times of chaos and transition. 

And if you’re traveling, we recommend pairing it with your favorite mala and essential oil. We especially love Uma’s wellness oils.

Ethical luxury doesn’t have to be a contradiction. We can celebrate and enjoy our lives in a way that’s mindful, exquisite and considerate of others. And in the spirit of the scarf, be as extra as we please.

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