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The Ultimate Guide to Intentional Gifting + Styling this Holiday Season


As we write this, hundreds of millions of people around the world are celebrating Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights.

Soon, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Winter Solstice will follow.

It’s the time of year where across cultures and traditions, there’s an emphasis on hope, faith and love. The winter season, though often cold, carries the warmth of friends, family and gatherings that spark the heart and ignite joy.

Gifting is a part of the festivities, and one of the most meaningful ways in which we affirm the reciprocity and interconnectedness our lives depend on.

Whether you’re shopping for a girlfriend, an aunt, a mom, or a lady boss, we’ve put together a guide to help you honor her, or them, in a way that will not only delight them, but deepen your relationship

Our Pick for: The Adventurer

For the free spirit in your life who reminds you to say yes, and grab life by the horns, check out our Dream Robe in Sunbeam. They’ll feel at home in its earthy print, breathable cotton, and unique color palette, and it will provide them with plenty of optimism and good vibes to continue embracing the unknown, and blazing new trails. 

Our Pick for: The Oracle

For the old soul in your life who always has some wise words and sage perspective, look no further than the silk Crescent scarf. An heirloom piece, steeped in symbolism of lunar cycles, tides and eclipses, it’s the ultimate Zen accessory, and will offer the friend who’s everyone else’s oracle, a refuge for their own introspection.

Our Pick for: The Diva

For the vivacious, glamorous, and bigger than life loves in your life, check out the silk Ripple scarf. With jewel tone magenta and navy hues, the scarf is lush, exquisite and versatile. The divas in your life can style it according to their mood, while always stealing the show

Our Pick for: The Gardener

The Geo-Root bandana is perfect for those who ground and center by nurturing all living things, and are famed for their warmth. Gift them the Geo-Root to treat them to the energizing joy and freedom they so generously spread to others. 

Our Pick for: The Teacher

Know a bright light who is fearlessly changing hearts and minds? Gift them the Geo-Ripple and let them know that their work, and voice, inspire you. As a bold and magnetic print, it will remind them of their impact and encourage them to keep putting their best self into the world. 

Our Pick for: The Artist

For the creative genius whose life is a work of art, check out the silk Root scarf. Its brilliant yellows and blues, and amorphous shapes, will make it their go-to statement accessory, newest wall hanging, or even a gorgeous blouse. However they style it, you can bet it will be one of a kind, and remind them to continue coming to their canvas with fresh eyes.

Our Pick for: The Healer

For the kind-hearted healer who puts everyone else first, check out the serene, yet playful, Change Your Mind scarf. Its grey, teal and white palette with splashes of orange will help them relax, ride the waves, and find their own path. 

Our Pick for: The Yogi

For the mover and shaker who seeks balance, gift them the Dream Robe in Moonlight. Dramatic in its contrasts, and sublime in its simplicity, this will quickly become their favorite piece to unwind and recharge in.

Our Pick for: The Queen

Fittingly titled the Decree, this scarf is perfect for the funky elders, untamed mavericks, and iconoclasts in your life. We associate it with unapologetic authority, courageous self-authorship and fierce, feminine strength. Gift it to friends and family who need to trust their gut and claim their unique contribution. 

Whatever archetype you’re honoring this holiday season, we wish you bliss in gifting from the heart, and with intention. And if you have a special someone in mind but are stuck on the style, reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to share more recommendations with you! 

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