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Our founder, Sofiya Deva, comes from a family of immigrants and entrepreneurs. For as long as she can remember, the conversations around her dinner table have centered around expenses, inventory, employees, and the endless tasks and to dos of running a business.

Growing up in this environment, she vowed that her life would be different. It would be adventurous, free, and meaningful. She wouldn’t be eternally tethered to profits and losses.

Fast forward many years later, Sofiya cut her teeth on the family business, graduated from a Goldman Sachs-sponsored bootcamp version of an MBA, and encountered inspiring, cause-driven brands like Sudara and Akola.

Through many positive influences and learning experiences, she slowly came to realize that entrepreneurship was neither an albatross, nor was it beholden to a single model of success. 

It was in fact an extraordinary and diverse platform and could be leveraged in a way that enriched the lives of individuals and communities alike. 

She realized entrepreneurship was the lifeblood not only of her family, but of much of the world, and that it was possible to run a (profitable!) business while also living a life of purpose and self expression. And that the former could actually enable the latter. 

The Postcard Edit is a product of this epiphany, and hope. Not only for Sofiya, but for the many artisans, designers, and local and distributed team members that make The Postcard Edit a reality.

We’re proud to be a business that supports fair wages, healthy working conditions, and mutually empowering relationships with vendors, consumers, employees, and the planet. 

We firmly believe that by being intentional about where and how we invest our time, money and energy, we can change the story about who/what has value, tap into immense beauty and create abundance.

It may mean a slower growth trajectory, or slimmer margins in the short term, but in the long game, we’re pioneering a different way of doing business; putting people first; and designing a life we love. 

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