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The Intuition Series

It was our first brainstorming session, and we knew we wanted to design a scarf that would be both an accessory, and a way for our customers to reconnect with and return to themselves.

We’d all experienced how stressed and scattered modern life could leave us. We knew we had to make concerted efforts to center our minds, balance our bodies, and clarify what was really important.

And the best tools in the process were often our community, our intentions, and small, but potent, rituals that helped connect us with guidance and inner wisdom.

As we talked about work and travel; relationships and health, we reflected on how change was the only constant, and began talking about transitions.

It seemed that our lives were full of minor and major transitions, and whether we were in the middle of changing cities, or simply our daily routine, each of us needed to master three critical skills to transition with grace and ease: 

an ability to let go, to break through, and to be still.

And as we explored how to know when to do which, we realized that the intuition could be a powerful ally. 

Whether we were receiving mixed messages, uncertain about what was right for us, or feeling a tension between our expectations and reality, the intuition, we recognized, could be our secret weapon for navigating transitions and trusting ourselves.

Thus, one scarf became three, and The Intuition Series was born.

After the initial concept was established, we began to dive into design—themes, colors, imagery, and named the three movements: Root, Ripple and Crescent, with their attendant gifts: letting go, breaking through, and being still. 

In the Root scarf, ochre and turquoise anchored the vitality available to us when we let go of what no longer serves us, while amorphous shapes and dotted lines evoked a return to organic elements and atmospheric openness.

In the Ripple scarf, magenta and midnight blue boldly ushered in a sense of possibility and emergence, while spirals and sonic rays alluded to vibratory shifts. 

In the Crescent scarf, cream and grey offered a sober and purifying respite, while moons and waves invited a meditative approach to flux.

Each scarf in The Intuition Series was crafted as a contemplative, or spiritual accessory, for the modern woman. 

We hope you’ll purchase one, two, or all three, and use them to set intentions, self-author, and imagine wonderful new possibilities. 

And when you do, please share your story with us. We can’t wait to hear how you channel the energy of the root, ripple, and crescent scarves into your next exhale, adventure, or retreat.

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