The Postcard Edit

The Hair Pin


Material: Made of solid brass

Delivery: 3 Weeks

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A vastly understated piece of jewelry. You’d be surprised at how often you’d wear this. Part of the Forever Essentials Collection, these pieces are designed to be timeless, versatile and made to last. It is in the nature of brass and silver to oxidize and develop an antique patina over time. While it can be restored, we encourage you to embrace its evolving finish

To Restore Shine

  1. Soak jewelry in a bowl of warm water, mild dish soap and lemon juice for 5 mins. Give it a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush if needed. Then rinse clean and dry thoroughly.
  2. For a brighter shine, rub jewelry with a soft cotton cloth dipped in Brasso. Wash with mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly.

The Designer


Jewelry for the big brass. Elegant and understated, yet bold, Kudyas statement rings and earrings are as structural as they are captivating.

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*sizes in inches

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